Friday, July 6, 2007

pebble magnets.

These are pebble magnets; they are very easy to make and very neat to look at. You could probably stare at them all day!

All you need are clear craft glue, pebble rocks, cut-outs, and magnets.

My glue of choice is E6000 because you just need one dab, and it doesn't bubble up the artwork underneath. Plus, its adhesiveness is more than sufficient! As for the pebble rocks, I bought them at the Dollar Store (They can be found at Wal-mart or any craft store). They are the bigger pebbles, approximately 1-inch. They should be flat on one side. (Important Note: They need to be clear and not iridescent.) As for the magnets, they should be pretty strong to hold up the pebble; however, if the magnets are too big, the pebbles will stick out too far. Use your discretion. :)

As for the artwork, I chose to design my own. If you like it, e-mail me and I will send you a FREE...FREE...FREE pdf file of it so you can make your own mushroommeadow magnets (email:

so...Here's what you do:

Step One:
Choose a design. It could be from a magazine, comic strip, book, or printed from your computer (the possibilities are endless). Make sure it is printed on cardstock or glued to a heavier piece of paper; this will prevent the glue from discoloring the design from the magnet part-

Step Two:
Cut the design out to fit neatly behind the pebble rock-

Step three:
If you're using my designs, color them. I used watercolor pencils. If you are using something else, proceed to step four-

Step four:
Put a dab of glue on the design, and stick the pebble rock flat side onto it. Make sure there are no bubbles in the glue-

Step five:
Put a dab of glue on the magnet, and stick the designed pebble onto it-

Step six:
Be patient; wait for them to dry.

Step seven:
Stick them on the fridge, microwave, or give them away.

There you have it: pebble magnets! :) Enjoy.


Erika said...

Very neat! Thanks for the how-to guide. I'll bet my daughter would love to make these with me...and your designs are too cute. I'll email you w/ my addy real soon. Happy weekend to you!

Summers Camp said...

As you already know, I LOVE little maggies! However, I've never made the pebble kind. But your designs are awfully cute, so I would love to get my grimy mitts on them! They'd be perfect for cards or anything digital... (with your permission first, of course)! Thanks for sharing! *B

Tessa said...

Ooh - this tutorial is fantastic!! Thanks for all of your tips & the glue recommendation. Do you think this would work for making decorative thumb tacks? I've been wanting some pretty ones for my new bulliten board - I guess I could just glue some tacks on and try! :)

Your designs are *awesome,* by the way!

gilda said...

awww this is sooo cute!!! i think i'll make some and stick it on a bobbypin!

zari.ZHM said...

Your work is great!...thanks for the pebble magnets tutorial...i would like to make some...just hope to find the pebbles!

mushroommeadows said...

I'm so glad everyone is finding my post useful! :)

Tessa and Gilda, you two are so creative! Yes, thumbtacks and bobbypins would be great for this project. The pebbles come in various sizes. Mine are the bigger ones, but I've used the little ones as well.

zari, pebbles can be found anywhere, actually. I've seen them at wal-mart, michael's, and practically every craft store. They're relatively inexpensive, even when they are not on sale!

marsha said...

i love them!!!!!!!!!! what a wonderfultutorial!!!

Feltland said...

What a great idea - thanks for the tutorial ... My kids will have a great afternoon tomorrow with it.



Sadie Lou said...

you are the ctest thing ever. i'm disappointed with you that you are giving these things away when you could be selling on etsy. naghty girl! However, I also admire you're sharing skills--good girl!
Now, I'm going to make some sadie lou who magnets just for you and you make some for me--deal?

I'll give you my shipping address then you give me yours then we'll photograph them for our blogs--yes?

harlie said...

Ooooh I want to make some of these! :) A whole family of pebbles to adorn my kitchen fridge. This is my first time seeing pebble rocks and I hope I can find them here!

BuddingCook said...

wow. they are soo cute. :D you are such the creative creature.

The Happy Hippie said...

I've made those too! :]

Anonymous said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog.
Just wanted to let you know I have tagged you on my blog if your interested.

d said...

what a great I dea.
I love them!

Bev said...

Those are adorable! I love them! I bought the stones a while ago, just haven't gotten around to making them into magnets yet....


ambika said...

My friend made me some of these using photos from various camping adventures. Too cute!

Erika said...

....just one more comment on your blog, hee hee!

I wanted to let you know that I just posted 2 photos of the pebble magnets, so if you wanna go and take a look, you'll be so proud of me! :) I love 'em...thanks again for sharing!