Friday, November 30, 2007

heads up!

I have always tried to make wooden dolls, being inspired by Japanese Kokeshi Dolls, but I could never get the face just right. Well, below are the wooden heads, which I am happy to say that I like...finally!

And, I even added some yarn hair to one, experimenting with texture.

Now, if I can only create the RIGHT body, I can start making some ornaments!

I just got home. Surprisingly, it's a rainy day here in southern California. It rarely rains here. My husband and I thought it was a delightful change from the constant sunny weather we normally get. :)

Anyway, as I drove in the parking lot, I discovered one of my favorite stuffies ever drowning in a wet, dirty, and very, very, very sad puddle. I think a couple cars ran him over, as well. He must have popped out of my car. He was the only decoration I have in my car, and I can't believe I didn't notice his absence.

I once had the cutest crush baby sea turtle from my sister, but he also escaped. Hm...I guess that means: no more cute things in my car! Anyway, I thought I would get one last picture of him before he goes in the trash...I mean stuffy heaven. :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas Ornaments

Here are the ornaments I wanted to share with you.

Black and White Version

Slightly Colored Version

A Bigger Version for Smaller Hands

Coloring pencils, markers, crayons, or anything that adds color

1. Print PDF on cardstock
2. Color and cut out pieces:

3. Embellish ornaments
4. Glue faces and arms onto ornaments
5. Punch hole on the top and string:

Enjoy! :) If you do end up making them, I would love to see them. :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

five random facts & a sneak peek-a-choo.

Happy Doodle Land tagged me! By the way, check out her blog because she has some major cuteness going on there. Also, I wanted to share something she sent me a month or so ago. It's a lovely card, which I just had to frame! Thank you, again, Flora!!!

Here are five random facts about me:

1. I have a Sizzix machine, which I begged my sister, Budding Cook to buy for me a couple years ago. I convinced her that she could use it for her wedding (she did; she made this really cute confetti with a butterfly die and glued various black/white pictures of her and her husband in the centers. She sprinkled them all over the tables at the reception. Very cute). :) I also have a couple tag-a-longs, meaning I have two (why? I don't know. They were on sale. Enough said. :)). Despite the fact that I have purchased many dies for these machines, I have not used them. Yikes! I really just don't know how to incorporate them in my art. :(

2. I like the Princess Diaries series. :) It's a little embarrassing because I'm 27, but M. Cabot is such a good writer. When I read the first novel, I was disappointed because it contained some inappropriate topics and I would not recommend anyone under 16 reading it (the first one that is). But the second and third ones were much cleaner. :) I heard that there are 10 in the series, so I am looking forward to reading them.

3. I used to collect The Tick comic books. They remain one of my most prized possessions to this day. Egad.

4. I have to clean out my craft area and organize again because I have just been stuffing things into the drawers lately due to the fact that I've been so busy. Yesterday, I opened up the drawers and cabinets and it's crazy. I have a lot of craft stuff. YIKES!

5. I like to draw. This is what I did today:

Finally, The Misadventures of Mama and Jack requested that I make something printable for an ornament activity! Here's a sneak peek. I'm almost done. :)

Whew...what a long post. I need ice cream now before I put on my new torture dental retainer. :(

Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas Card- first & second renditions

I started my Thanksgiving break today, although it really, technically, officially begins after I finish and submit two projects that are due this weekend. :( Nevertheless, I had a wonderful day today (except when I was thinking about my projects). I spent it cleaning, shopping*, reading, and oh yes, developing my Christmas 2007 card. :)

Here is the first rendition:

Second rendition:

I'm going to try to add some patterned paper and maybe some other embellishments like glitter and ribbon. Also, I want to add a 3-D Christmas box for the finale. :)

*Joann's Fabric and Craft store has a sale on its remnant fabric. 75% off the current price of the fabric!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

tea II.

I have a couple of projects for school yet to do and a midterm to study for, but after all that madness, I get an entire week off for Thanksgiving! Seven glorious days!!! Oh, the plans that are churning in my little head...

I think I might spend a day or two of my break making Christmas gifts. I've always wanted to make a little something for my friends and family, but I have never had time. Maybe this year will be the year. :) Also, my husband has been really trying to motivate me to create handmade Christmas cards, instead of buying the generic ones. We'll see how that goes...:)

Well, I have ready got to study. Really...really...really...:( Here's my tea doodle with some subtle coloring effects:

Monday, November 12, 2007

Popcorn Day!

Today is officially Popcorn day; well at least in my book. :) For over two years, I have been deprived of this snack and many others because of my braces. However, earlier today, I got them removed!!!!!!!

I've already stuffed my mouth with gum (I can't wait to try the Trident Watermelon flavored gum) and cracker jacks. My orthodontist gave me a Congratulations Pack with a whole bunch of stuff we couldn't have while wearing braces. :)

But tonight, I'm going to get a movie and make a big o' bowl of POPCORN! I think besides gum, Popcorn was the snack I missed the most. :) So, happy Popcorn Day to you all!

UPDATE: My husband's first reaction to seeing me without braces was...

Husband: "You look different. You look older."
Me: "How old?!?"
Husband: "You look 18 instead of 12"
Me: "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"
Husband: "Good."

pooh. :)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

remnant mushroomElf.

I love buying remnant fabrics, especially because most of my projects are pretty small. But I really like the fact that some stores reduce the price further if the fabric happens to be on sale! :) It's quite a delightful feeling to get something cheaper than you expect, unless we're talking about paychecks and rebates and love.

So, I go crazy at the remnant bin when there's a big sale at the store. However, (probably because I was too greedy and not paying attention) I got some brown patterned fleece that was actually a lot more than I expected. So I had to make something extra special with it! :) I was going to return it because it was pretty much regular priced, but I got busy. Thank goodness because I now have a new friend. :)

Monday, November 5, 2007


I am doggy-tired, but I can't let myself think that way.

I am not tired.
I am not tired..
I am not tired...

Seriously, I had two teas today, and I still want one more. :)

Anyway, speaking of doggies, here is my doodle-for-the-day. I was inspired by the fact that my dog loves me for my treats. What can I say? If I have to buy affection and adoration, I will. :)

Friday, November 2, 2007

coffee and tea.

I used to get really upset with my husband because he would get a Starbuck's drink everyday (he still does). I didn't understand why he couldn't just make something at home, instead of spending what is equivalent to a shirt on clearance. Seriously. But I've come to realize that there's just something so comforting about getting that morning drink; it's really a nice break; it's really a good motivation to get out of the house; it's really just something nice...Yum.

So, as of late, I've been getting myself a milk tea from the cafe everyday. It's so lovely. Expensive, but wonderful.

My draft:

By the way, I just registered for next semester. Here's my schedule:

Data Security and Encryption
Computer System Architecture
Software Maintenance
Software Project Management

Fun,huh? :( The crazy part is that most of the classes are my electives. I willingly chose three of the four classes that I'll be taking. :( Starbuck's here I come!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


I was sitting in class this afternoon, occupying myself with writing how many more minutes I have until class is over and then slashing them out when the time has passed. Even though my class is an hour and 15 minutes long, I normally start my countdown 45 minutes till; it seems more hopeful that way.

Anyway, as I was crossing out the minutes, and thinking to myself that I only had 15 minutes more to go, the fire alarm went off like mad. Then this recorded announcer voice came on telling us we had to evacuate the building and to take all our belongings with us! At first, I was totally startled, then I was totally happy because it was like I was getting to 0 minutes for free, and then I was totally scared because he said, after all, it was an emergency.

It turns out, it was just a practice drill. I didn't know they did those in college, but I guess, in case of a real emergency, which is realistic in so many tragic ways, it's a good thing to practice.

Well, here is a little bunny boy I drew.

By the way, I just bought an ice cream maker! I've always wanted one, and now I have one. It was only 7.50, which makes it more exciting! Yay!