Monday, March 31, 2008

Give Away!

Tonight's the last night to enter the give-away. Just leave a comment, and tomorrow, I will tally up all your entries/comments made from every post marked "march2008 giveaway". I will draw a name tomorrow morning, so I guess you have up until I wake up :). The winner can choose a print of any illustration I've done in March2008 or the winner can opt for a surprise. :)

Anyway, here's the finished card I made for a friend who's getting married:

As I mentioned before, I really like the Target Easter decorations this year. Well, Target managed to clear them out pretty quickly (in less than a week!), but I was able to get my hands on these at 75% off:

Target Chicks

pretty peas.

I've designed a wedding card to give to one of my friends. It is composed of the image below. I will show you the finished product tonight.

For now, I'm going to try to study. It's spring break, but if I don't study today, I'll be so, so, so, so behind. :(

Have a great Monday. I'm on break, and it still feels like a Monday. :)

Oh yeah, today's the last day for the March giveaway! I'll do one more post tonight, which gives you an additional chance to enter. And then, tomorrow, I'll select the winner. :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

nodding dolls.

This piece was inspired by my nodding doll that my sister gave me to for Christmas.

Just to let you know, Spring break is finally here!!! :) There's a lot to do, but I'm going to enjoy the break anyway. ;)

Have you all watched Enchanted? I watched it this afternoon, and it's definitely better than I expected. Goofy, but cute...just like I like them. :) Oh yeah, another good movie is Sweet Land. It's a bit slow, but I enjoyed the acting and story very much.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

smell the flowers.

Tomorrow I have a midterm. And the next day, I have a very difficult homework assignment to complete and turn in by noon. Fortunately, spring break is next week. It seems far away, and in some ways, I am dreading it. You see, I've procrastinated so many errands, tasks, projects...etc, putting it all off to finish during spring break. Now, my spring break is filled with things to do. :(

Anyway, I just want to stop and smell the flowers. Just for a second. I think, if I could just stop and realize how fortunate I am, how amazingly blessed I am, I could cope with this intense stress. I guess this is a reoccurring theme in my life. I complain because I am unhappy. I am unhappy because I am ungrateful. Anyway, I'm going to go to bed now, and I am going to try to dream of lovely things...

Monday, March 24, 2008


I love beans...

coffee beans
jelly beans
green beans
pinto beans
soy beans
lima beans
jumping beans
black beans...

human beans


well, I don't really like to eat them all (especially not lima beans...eww), but beans are so cute. So, I made a couple of stamps over the weekend of beans. :) These ones look like jelly beans. I couldn't help but be inspired by all jelly beans I've been seeing in the stores lately. :D

By the way, it's my husband's birthday! Happy Birthday, husband!

PS the picture might be really terrible again. it's hard to tell here because my computer screen is super dark. :( anyway, have a great day. :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

I made a little Easter Card to share with you. It's not as good as my sister's. :)

Happy Easter! I hope you all have a blessed one. He is risen indeed! :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Business Cards.

Below are the business cards I had printed up. Sorry the image is so blurry. I would have scanned it, but I'm too lazy. :) It's just one of those Fridays.

Next to the business cards are stamped images of an orange. California oranges are in season, I think, and they're absolutely delicious. They taste like candy. Anyway, I stamped them on some paper and then cut them out. Oh, I also put a little make-up on them. They're blushing.

By the way, I'm kind of bummed about my car. Last month I ran into a pole (I was talking on the phone...oops). And then a couple of days ago someone actually hit my car on the side. I can't believe they didn't provide any insurance info. Nothing. :(
I keep telling myself it's just a car; there are more important things in life, which leads me to say:

Happy Good Friday! :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

my beloved stamp.

so...I was going to post an image of this stamp last night, but I seriously wanted to die when I got home. Anyway, here it is:

I took this picture with my camera phone. :) Next to it are my staedtler sketching pens. I really like them. And as for all those stickers? Yes, I decorated my pencil pouch and pen case with my cherryTop boy stickers. :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I am so tired. I think I'm more tired than usual. Everytime I try to read anything, my head starts to hurt. I want a nap...badly.

Anyway, nothing crafty today. :( I'll try to post some more pictures of additional stamps I made over the weekend tonight. There's one that I'm really in love with...but you're going to have to wait and see it. :)

I just wanted to to let you all know that I'm still alive. :)

Have a perfect Tuesday. :D

Friday, March 14, 2008

stamping again.

I've been carving stamps again. :) I have a couple of swaps I need to take care of this weekend, as well as one give away prize to make. So, I'll just show you a bit of my work in progress. :)

stamps in progress

Thursday, March 13, 2008

i don't believe in carrots.

I've been playing with my wacom tablet lately. I absolutely love it! Here's my latest project. It's called "I Don't Believe in Carrots". What does it mean? friend thinks it's stupid, but I think it's kind of funny. You see, Easter is about Jesus and His resurrection. And, it shouldn't really be about bunnies and carrots. Though I know this, I love bunnies and carrots (especially the bunnies and chicks at Target. Have you seen what they have there??? They're so cute! I can't wait for them to go on clearance:)). I love them, but not in the same way I love God. Ok...hahahaha maybe this is stupid. Even though you might not think it's very funny... here it is anyway. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

t-shirt design.

so, yeah, I had a pretty rough day. I woke up exhausted. I went to work tired. I got to class and I got back the test I knew I bombed (it wasn't as bad as what I thought, but it's bad enough that I have to work my bootie off from this point on...and it's just embarrassing because my friends did really well! Why do I have to compare myself to others!?!). Then, to top the terrible day off with another piece of poop, I stopped by the department to check if they had selected a winner for the t-shirt contest. The answer? NOPE!

Anyway, below is the t-shirt design I submitted for my school's (engineering and computer science) contest. The robot was originally holding one of the letters to our school's name (in another font...a more manly font! :)). Also, his little buttons had labels of the individual departments in the school (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, etc).

All in all, though it was a bad day, it's over. :) Yay!

Monday, March 10, 2008


The winner is...

Surprisingly, cakies is one of my newest bloggin' friends! I just found her wonderful blog this afternoon. She sells wonderful little cakies. What's a cakie? Check her site out. ;)

Anyway, I've kept all the little slips of paper, so I can add you all to the march2008 giveaway. One of my friends (since 1st grade) thinks I'm going overboard with the giveaways, apparently, but I can't help it; it's so fun. :) So, leave a comment on any march2008 post (one comment per post-for multiple entries) to be entered into the giveaway. :D

Sunday, March 9, 2008

100th post!!!

Guess what? This is my 100th post!!!

I just wanted to thank all you bloggy friends, new and old, for your kind and generous words within these past 100 posts! Your comments have meant a great deal to me. :) I have been blessed! Likewise, I have enjoyed reading many of your blogs; thank you for sharing! All of you are simply amazing!

To celebrate, I must do another give away (even though we're in the middle of the march2008 one). This one is shorter & sweeter though. ;)

Leave a comment on this blog and at the end of tomorrow, I'll draw a name, announcing the winner (just one day!).

The prize? A surprise. :)


(And yes, if you leave a comment here, you will also be entered into the march2008 drawing!)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

smoking cat & birthday card.

This is the card I made for my mom:

Oh by the way, my brother and sister decided to edit my picture. Here is their edition:

I guess my brother thought the doll's leg looked like a cigar. :(

You can leave a comment to be entered into the March giveaway! :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

give away- Part 2 & the Lost girl!

Just to let you know:

I'm doing a give away! If you leave a comment on this blog I'll enter you into the drawing.

This give away is going to last for the entire duration of March. For the future posts in March, you can leave a comment per post to be entered into the give away multiple times. For those who have already entered, that means you can leave another comment here (and on the future posts as well) and get another chance to win. For those who didn't comment on my previous post, you can go back and leave a comment there (and on the future posts as well) to up your chances! :)In short, you can leave one comment per post with a march2008 giveaway label!

So...anyway, there was this doodle I did awhile back of which I thought I lost for good; however, I just found her stuck in one of my textbooks today (which tells you I don't crack open my books nearly as much as I ought to!) She's colored with good ol' sharpies. :)

A Walk Through the PomPoms

Thursday, March 6, 2008

give away!

Today's my mommy's birthday! Happy birthday, Mommy!!! :) In honor of her birthday, along with my husband's and sister's birthday (which come later in the month), I decided to do a give away.

Leave a message on this post and I'll count you in for the draw.

The prize? At the end of the month (or whenever you choose), you can pick any illustration that I've done in March2008, and I'll will send you a print of it.

p.s. Although I bombed my test, I am looking ahead. There's more to life than tests...and there are plenty of tests to take from here on worries (God is good):)).

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Tonight I had to sit in the front row. Needless to say, the professor could see my paper, so there wasn't much doodling going on. (the second law of doodling: awareness/acknowledgment of the doodling from any party outside the doodler's comfort zone will directly decrease the amount of doodling).

Here's a doodle from last night:

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

tug of war.

My doodles were a bit more intricate tonight, which is a measure of how bored I was in class (the third law of doodling: the more complex the doodle, the more distracted the person, the more likely the activity that was being avoided was really, really, really boring). One guy said that he had to restrain himself from biting his tongue. morbid. Here is my doodle:

Tug of War...Gone Bad

I'll post the other doodles tomorrow. It's off to studying...:)

Monday, March 3, 2008

tonight's very simple doodles.

Have you had a Clementine lately? I have, but I will only eat the Cutie brand version. Why? For one they're cute and they come with little stickers. Also, I prefer them over any other brand because they rarely have seeds. YUMMY. But did you know that it's the bees that cause the seeds? Every time a bee pollinates the Clementine flower, it produces seeds! STAY AWAY, bees (poor bees)! :)

I don't know what inspired the following doodle. I am not very happy lately (big test this Thursday), but here he is anyway.


Sunday, March 2, 2008

procrastination = baby mushroom + worm

I really tried to sit down and finish some homework tonight. Really. But it's only Saturday, and I have tomorrow to do it, right? :D

So, here is the outcome of my procrastination:

By the way, I think it's ok for baby mushrooms to play with worms. :)