Friday, November 20, 2009 excuse and some work sketches :)

I ditched the craft fair; here is my excuse. :)

My dog ate all my crafts! j/k :)

Actually, I signed up for the fair before I got a full-time job (YAY! Thank you, Lord!). Since working, I haven't crafted at all. The thought of making stuff seriously felt like a chore. :( So...I procrastinated until the weekend of the fair and started to craft like mad.

Here's the product of my labor...

As a result, it just wasn't enough to fill a 5 X 5 space ... :(

Anyway, though I missed out on a potentially great experience, I think this attempt has really inspired me to get back into crafts....hopefully. :) I need to start making things NOW if I ever want to participate in a craft fair next year.

Have a lovely weekend. I now leave you with some sketches I did during work (don't worry...I AM working...I just like to sketch on my notes :))

Sunday, November 15, 2009

skipping the craft fair...

pretty sad ...hopefully i can still come out to at least support the other vendors :(

more details later...