Friday, August 31, 2007


Today is my anniversary. :) Here is the card I made for my husband. Remember, the AC is still not working in my house, so I couldn't use all the crafty...expensive...piling up stuff I have at home to create a spectacular card. Instead, in order to stay alive and breathing, I had to make this card at the air-conditioned starbucks with a pack of colored pencils I had in my bookbag.

Anyway, about my one even noticed, which is probably because I keep tying it back. I can't help it. I will post pictures though...when it looks somewhat decent.

As for my shames:


I'm a shop-a-holic, especially this week. I guess, I keep justifying my wild spending with the fact that it was my birthday and it's now my anniversary. It's like one week for a massive shopping spree!!!

Let's see, just recently, I bought:

1. Two pairs of shoes from (a pair of converse and some sanuk sidewalk surfer...I think I might return the sanuks though because they don't fit quite nicely)

2. A mess of stuff from (cardigans and a jean jacket)

3. From Mervyns -stuff for my husband, sunglasses, and bermuda shorts. They got me with the spend 50 dollars and get a 10 dollar rewards card. How could I pass that one up???

4. From Macy's- Estee Lauder perfume, crocs, and m.a.c make-up

5. madeleine pan. YUMMMMY!

I need to stop...NOW! :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007


I got A AC, but it's not the kind that will keep me cool; it's the kind that will keep me relieved. I got an A in Software Engineering, an A in Compilers, and last but not least, I got a C in Calculus. It's not exactly what I hoped for, but hey, at least I passed, and I only have one more math class to go! YAH!!!

Well, thanks to all who wished me well on my project. :) Perhaps the little California Bear did his job! :) Thanks for all the birthday wishes as well. I had a great one. :) (Tomorrow I change my hairstyle. :) If it looks good, I'll post pictures, if not, let's just say we never had this conversation.)

Monday, August 20, 2007

birthday flowers.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I received these lovely flowers as an early gift. :)

Look who snuck into my bundle of birthday flowers for a wee little nap!!! Yep, it's a California Bear! He's made out of polymer clay and acrylic paint. I made him my hot, hot house. Phew. However, there's one benefit to not having a working AC: the paint dries super fast! :)

As for my seven shames,

Shame #2-

I discovered my first two white hairs today, and I'm dreadfully depressed over it. My mom started to grey before she turned 30, so I think I inherited her hair. :( Anyway, I'm definitely going to start dying it! I change my hairdo this Friday. I was, in part, inspired by Holiday in the Sun. She wrote an excellent blog on the reasons why we should change our hairstyle. :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

purple puffs.

I made the assumption that I would be catching up on my sewing, crafting, and creativity after summer school was done; however, my energy has been totally zapped because of 1. I returned back to work and even worst, 2. the air-conditioning is not working!!!!!!!! ARGH. I have been trying to avoid my house, which means I end up avoiding my craftroom, which means I don't get to make anything fun.

Well, I was, I lugged my sewing machine into the kitchen the other day, and blasted the fan in my direction, in order to make four little purple puffs. There's a fifth one, but I didn't want to rethread the bobbin, because it was so stinkin' hot.

This weekend, my husband and I plan to get someone to fix the air-conditioning, but then I start school on don't know if I'll ever finish the fifth one. :)

By the way, I did tell my professor that I made the adventure bear (embarrassingly enough). See, I had this terrible thought, quite suddenly after I gave it to him, that perchance, maybe, could it be that I didn't remove all the sewing pins!?! It really plagued me. What if one was still stick in the bear and he tried to hug it and got a horrible surprise??? I would so get an F! So, I e-mailed him explaining the situation like the stupid goon I am. He was really nice about it though.

This is #1 of my Seven Shames. The other six will come later (I have to sort through a VERY long list to pick out the best ones). I was tagged by The Happy Hippie , who put a spin on the Seven Random Facts tag game. I like her rendition of it. :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

in the flesh.

I have a final tomorrow, but I just had to make my professor a California Adventure Bear in the flesh (kinda).

UPDATE: I said goodbye to my little bear friend. It was hard. My professor really seemed to like it though even though I didn't have the courage to tell him I made it myself. Anyway, let's see if it gets me an A! hah.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

california adventure.

Our group would totally get sued by Disneyland, I know. But the name just seemed so fitting for our airline because it specifically targets people who like to hike, ski, and do recreational sports within California! Here is a glimpse of the design on our main page.

After I finished designing it, I realized how much I have been inspired by just zhm . I just love how she incorporates her cute little characters into real life settings! CHECK HER WORK OUT!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

california bears.

We made a change in our group project; we're going to use bears instead. By the way, I bet you're wondering what this project is all about! The class I'm doing this for is a software engineering course. The title sounds a lot scarier than it really is. As a group, we were given a problem, and we have to work together to create a project that addresses these issues.

Um...yeah, so while we were designing an interface for our project (which is an airpline website, if you wanted to know), I put some of my space cadets on the draft, just to fill up the white space. My professor really liked it. He's soooooo funny. So, we decided to go with it because he said it might be a good marketing scheme.

However, I decided I wanted to use bears instead, California bears that is because the airline is based in California and the flights are only in California.

Here are some of the bears in our project: