Thursday, April 3, 2008


I've been trying to finish just 1 problem on my take home midterm all day. Just one!
Yet, I'm totally stumped.

Anyway, here is just one of the doodles I did today:

Colored Version

It's appropriately called "Stumped". However, the girl should really be crying her eyes out because that's how I feel. :(

On a brighter note: there's a 50% printable coupon for Michael's Craft Stores. I'm not sure if it's applicable at all Michael's.

Cakies tagged me. Here are a handful of non-important facts about me:

1. Recently, I had to give away most of my jeans/pants/capris/shorts because I've gained (undesirable) weight. I wore the same size for nearly a decade, and now I have to replenish my entire wardrobe (yay).

2. I have had several eye doctors ask me if I was wearing colored contacts. I don't. I have light eyes for an Asian, I guess.

3. I don't like eating breakfast food for breakfast. I like eating real food for breakfast. :)

4. I use to never really get emotional while watching movies. Lately, however, I've been crying quite easily. Remember how I told you I watched Enchanted? Well, I cried. I really cried when I was watching Sweet Land too. I guess I'm just getting more sensitive in my old age.

5. I need to put myself on a budget. ;)


Fuji Mama said...

I'm with you on eating REAL food for breakfast! I LOVE Stumped--perfect name for the cutest doodle!

BuddingCook said...

me too. i like real food. but i've been eating cereal for dinner! :D she's very cute w/ her blushing cheeks.

Certain Creatures said...

very cute drawing!!

sugarandcream said...

oh yes, i'm with you on real food for breakfast! though i still like to have a breakfast twist to it: soupy rice noodles with sausage and egg are one of my favorites. :)
nice print!!

Bunny B said...

Adorable drawing! Hope you're feeling better!

Marcia said...

She is very cute. She makes me smile. Good luck on your midterm

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey girl!!
love your stumped gal.
hope you figured out your problem.
thansk for the michaels coupon, you rock!
have a great weekend,

periwinkle said...

Thank you for your comment , your "doodles" are gorgeous. Stumped is so cute. Agree with you on most of your points, maybe not the eyes one though. Keep your chin up
Lisa x

Rachel said...

Your girl looks pretty content for being "stumped"! I love the turquoise-y background color.

Hello, I'm Sally. said...

Your doodles are little works of art! Good luck with your midterm.

Tizzalicious said...

Hehe, we seem to be opposites: I love eating breakfast food for dinner :P

Lori said...

i LOVE stumped!!! she is so cute and the colors are fabulous!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww... I hope you do a great job with your midterm! I know you'll do great!

And cute doodle as always! :)

I hope you have a great weekend!

Summers Camp said...

I have a love/hate relationship with budgets... good luck with the midterm! *B

Summers Camp said...

PS- I hate breakfast. Unless it's chicken fried steak. Or biscuits and gravy... *B

Feltland said...

Really love your stamps - your drawings are amazing .. :D

Yuzu said...

Don't worry about crying during Enchanted — it really is a touching movie! So cute too. Disney has a way of really intensifying emotions by writing the perfect soundtrack to match what's onscreen.

As usual, I ♥ your doodles. They look nice on the brown sketch paper.

nlisssa said...

parking ticket! I got a freaking parking ticket! I parked on a street that was permit only and crossed the street to get boba. I return in 5 minutes and there was a ticket. I'm soooo contesting it. argghhh!!! oh, and I like your drawing, btw. :)

Apple said...

I really love your little doodle. It is so cute!! I hope you do a good job on your midterm.

cookie said...

i cant believe you call this a "doodle"!
it is amazing! i love it.
thanks for visiting my blog.
my boys eat rice and dried(tiny) fish with flaked almonds and blackbeans for breakfast. uuggh!
give me coffe anyday!
good luck with your midterm.

marsha said...

i hope you're feeling better now! you work never fails to make me smile...:D

Sheryl Wong said...

this is really it!

Holly said...

LOVE that doodle...especially the colored one! If you made prints of that, I would definitely buy one! I'm telling ya' that Etsy shop! By the way, I haven't forgot about the little project that I was going to make to trade with you for the octopus stamps. I'm finishing up with my Label Tulip kit, and then I'll get started!

Anonymous said...