Sunday, February 24, 2008

tags, peacoats, and a surprise. :)

I was tagged by Tizzalicious

Here are a couple interesting facts about me.

1. I like pea coats and toggle/duffle coats, if you didn't already know. :) Below are the coats that I currently own. :) The first one is a toggle coat aka duffle coat (thanks Monkee Maker and Yuzu for the clarification!). It's wool, navy, and long. The second one is my favorite. It's comfy, and it has a detachable furry hood.

Wool Toggle/Duffle Coat

Pea Coat with Fur Hood

2. I'm not a dog person(dogs basically ruined my childhood..j/k..kinda), but below is a picture of my favorite dog in the whole world. His name is Buck, but my husband and I call him Bucket, Buckle, Buckly, Buckathy, and several other variations of Buck.


3. My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Puggly over the weekend. We found him without a collar running around our yard. He was wonderfully well-mannered and absolutely adorable. Remember, I am not a dog person, but I liked him a lot. We took him to the pound, and we get first dibs on him if his owners don't find him first. Fortunately, it seems like they have found him because he's not longer posted on the website. Thank goodness, because I am quite sure they've missed him terribly.


4. I'm not the greatest with remembering to post blog awards, though, I love them dearly and they truly make my day (if you ever gave me an award, thank you!). Here is one tag that I did remember. It's from Just ZHM. It's a great reminder that we must continue to pray for our country and our world. :)

Love and Peace Meme

5. I've never done a give-a-way, so I figured today would be a good day to start.

I have only produced 5 little prints of my February Girl. I'm going to send #3 to one person. Just leave a comment on this post, and I'll draw a # on Wednesday.

Here she is:

February Girl- Limited Edition #3 of 5


willynillywaterlily said...

Aloha mushroommeadows!

Thank you for visiting!

What a great pea coat! It looks so fashionable and spiffy. We never get to wear such stylish things here in Hawaii for it would never go well with our flip-flops.

Oh, hooray! A give away! So generous of you! Whoever wins will be awfully lucky to own one of your prints.

Blythe dolls have 4 pairs of eyes (my mistake - I originally wrote 8 so I'm glad you brought this up). They have a pull string in the back of their head that changes their eyes into different colors.


Tizzalicious said...

I love your coats!

And the first doggie! So cute!

And yay for give away :D You make the cutest prints!

Lori said...

hi:) i love your pea coats, the second one is my favorite too!!!
your dog is cute, he has a sweet face

i adore your February girl and would love to have her on display in my little home!!!

Esti said...

OMG, February girl give away!! I like her looks, her face is so sweet, the clothing so girlish, the stare so tender... I like her a lot!

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh, a piece of mushroom meadows in my very own home? Pick me, pick me! LOL

Blaze said...

Hi there!

a. I LOVE your pea coats, and I hope you find yourself cozy and warm in their coziness.

b. Those dogs are adorable (especially Bucket! heehee!)

c. I am so excited for your giveaway!!! Great print choice!!


d. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!

Diane Duda said...

Well, I picked a good time to drop by!
I love that nose! :)


Monkee Maker said...

Loving the coats ..... that first one we call a Duffle coat in the UK. ..... well, we used to but that could be a bit out-dated now.

Please enter me in your giveaway for your lovely print.


Yuzu said...

Aww, sorry that dogs ruined your childhood. :( I know people who are not dog people because of some experience with dogs as children. I love dogs! Dogs come up to me all the time and sniff & lick me, and it doesn't bother me. Maybe I smell like snausages, though. ;P

Cute coats! I ♥ all kinds of coats. That first one is actually a toggle coat, as pea coats are double-breasted with two columns of buttons (as in that second pic). I have two toggle coats, three pea coats, and countless single-breasted long coats. I guess I'm a little obsessed. Haha!

Summers Camp said...

Oooh, pick me, pick me! I never, and I mean NEVER, win anything. But I've come to grips with being a loser... *B

krisstl said...

I do love duffle coats as well, a child remembrance, I think.
Congratulations for your blog and your drawings (they are very nice) ! See you soon !

Erika said...

I still feel so honored that you sent me your little stamp person! I'm not a dog person either, but definitely love the kitties very much!

MiKa Art said...

Hi! Hi! Am I too late for the give away? This is so cute!

Is Puggly smiling in this pic??

BuddingCook said...

i would have to say pugly is pretty cute! there is something about him... nice pea coats. ;)

The Cretan said...

i love puggly. pugs are magical creatures sent from heaven above. u should meet my nibblet sometime. you'll start loving dogs. :) i love your drawings and creations. i'd buy your tshirts for sure.

sugarandcream said...

hi mushroommeadows!
i love the furry hood! it must be comfy to wear!
february girl is cute!

kawaii crafter said...

a giveaway, how can I resist!

I'm not a dog person either but if I found "puggly" in my yard I just might want to keep him as well

sewserious said...

I was just about to tag you, but someone beat me to it! :)

Love your February girl! And you're giving one away?! ooooh. :)

Anonymous said...


Holly said...

So sad I missed out on the give-away because Miss February is adorable! I love all of your little me-me facts, though! Thanks for sharing. :0)

amy said...

I have a pug named pugsley, aww. that's so neat that you found puggly. Your art is cute and I'm going to link your blog to mine.