Saturday, February 10, 2007

Great Grapes

I found an amazingly simple fruit dip recipe on Can you tell, I love that site? Anyway, all I did was whip together a 7-oz package of cream cheese (room temp) and a jar of marshmallow creme (only 1.99 at Ralph's and it wasn't even on sale!). The result was this rich, tasty fruit dip.

My first experiment was to dip a grape into the creamy creation. He took the plunge, and afterward, it looked like he had a new, cute hairdo. :) So going totally Yuzu, I gave him a face (I just made up a new slang word. The phrase "Going Yuzu" is defined as the act of giving any type of food a smile, in order to make it look cute). :)

Try this recipe with any fruit! YUMMY!!!

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Yuzu said...

"So totally going Yuzu"

LOL. ^__^ That's funny. And the dip sounds so easy! You know what else is good? Sour cream with brown sugar mixed in — perfect for dipping strawberries.

BuddingCook said...

wow that's cute! :D hehe i like it. your mix seems fat!

Laurie said...

That dip is marvelous with strawberries!