Friday, November 7, 2008


I love daisies (they were one of my wedding flowers), so naturally, I was drawn to Marc Jacob's Daisy perfume. Anyway, I have been contemplating getting it, but it's pretty pricey. However, the fact that Sephora is having a sale this weekend convinced me that I should definitely give it a try. There's a 20% coupon code. It's FF2008, and you can get free shipping if you spend 50 dollars or more.

I have been hunting for a new fragrance, and I couldn't resist trying this (it contains a sample of the daisy perfume):

Scent Sampler

It ends up costing a little over 40 dollar, so it seems like a fairly decent deal because not only do you get ten samples (I LOVE perfume samples. The bottles are adorable.) but you get a certificate for a full-sized bottle at a sephora store!

Anyway, have a great weekend! :)


Holly said...

Oooh, I love your illustration! I've never been much of a perfume girl, but all those bottles and colors in magazines and such are always so enticing! Yay for you finding a coupon and a deal :)

Francesca Righi said...

cute little daisy sketch!

SquishyCuteStuff said...

I also ♥ daisies! It was my dog's name. I have told my husband if he wants to get me flowers (which isn't that often anymore), just get a pretty bunch of daisies. They are nicer than roses to me.

I want to learn how to make cute digital pictures too! How do you do it??

Apple said...

Cute sketch!!
I am addicted to perfume...anytime I can, I buy a new bottle. I am not that particular about scent either (unless it really stinks). I will pretty much wear anything.

flora said...

Wow that really is a very cute daisy packaging!!! :)
I don't normally wear perfume but I love looking at their packaging! Congratulations on finding the good deal! (Maybe your hubby can get you thaht daisy one for Christmas gift... wink wink.)

Erika said...

Oooo that sounds like a fun purchase! Enjoy that!

sunnie fairy said...

Oh, I love daisies, too! but sunflowers are my fave. ;]

Rachel said...

Perfume samples are so fun, I can never stay with one scent for long!

Yuzu said...

I like your drawing! It kind of has a retro vibe to it. I think the colors add to that feeling.

Perfumes are fun! I keep about five or six different scents on hand so I can switch things up. But most of them smell similar — fruity & floral.