Monday, June 9, 2008

sweet bloggin' friends!

I've won some give-aways over the past year. I just wanted to share some of the sweetness with everyone.

From Sew Serious:

Beautiful Applique Pincushion

From Sew Nancy:

Lovely Fabric and Knitted Head Scarf

From Laura Baillie Designs:

Gorgeous Customized Bracelet

By the way, check out Laura Baillie Designs asap because she's having another give-away! This time, it's for a pair of lovely earrings!!! :)

People are so generous! It just warms my heart. :)

Anyway, this past weekend, my husband and I did another hike. I am happy to say that it was only 3.5 miles round trip! Very manageable for little ol' me (I'm not even sore!!!)! :) Plus, we got to see several waterfalls! Who knew there were waterfalls in the OC. Water makes me very happy.

Plus, take a look at this little guy:

He's so cute!!! :) I wish I could make something as cute as him. Ha ha. Have a great week!:)


bunzi said...

wow such nice blogger friends!

bunbun said...

OOOH, I love that gingham picnic fabric, lucky you!
I also love hiking with my husband, it is such a great stress reliever! glad to see you are having some relax time!

Laura B said...

Aren't you the little athlete! Congratulations on your latest hike, and thaks for mentioning my competition!

Tizzalicious said...

Yay for getting cute things in the mail!

Anonymous said...

What pretties you have gotten in the mail! People are so generous (Especially Laura! Goodness!)

And I love that little guy in the water! What a precious little cutie!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh those are all so cute! You have some talented friends there.

kawaii crafter said...

Enjoyed all the photos but what really caught my eye was the picnic print fabric with the ants. Love the concept!

Anonymous said...

Lovely gifts, my favourite would have to be Ant Fabric, how different is that. Just love it.

Holly said...

You lucky girl! I especially love the pin cushion! Congrats on the hike...I wish I had the motivation to get up off my butt, and go for a nice hike. It's too hard to drag 2 unwilling children up the mountain with you, though. Tee hee!