Tuesday, December 18, 2007

seven random facts!

Blaze tagged me. :)


1. I'm finally on break! I don't have school for an entire month!!!

2. I am still very much in love with the Power Puff girls. :) I just went on a shopping spree at the Scholastic Book Fair Warehouse. I got myself a book with 31 Power Puff Postcards. The rest, books and toys, are Christmas gifts. Do you see those lemurs??? They cost me a buck each! :)

3. I just started to carve stamps. Here are my favorite designs so far:

I need more practice though. The worst part is when I'm nearly done with a stamp and I accidentally swipe off an eye. It's happened more than once. So now I have a pile of one-eyed stamps.

4. I am Vietnamese, but I was born in Texas, and now I live in California. Here is a piece I did for my mom and dad's Vietnamese organization for children (the boy reminds me of my little brother when he was younger):

5. I don't like to eat.

6. I have no Christmas decorations up! oops.

7. I got this lovely smile award from Duda Daze:

YAY! :)


Kelly Malloy said...

Those gingerbreads are so cute!

Monkee Maker said...

Your stamps are really good - shame about all the one eyed ones though!

No wait .... you don't like to eat?? How strange ..... that's one of my favourite hobbies!

I hope you have a brilliant break - a whole month, how fab :)

Holly said...

Lots of fun stuff here! I adore your little stamps. :0) Hope you're enjoying your holidays!

flora said...

The stamps look awesome!!! You did good! I tried carving stamps after and the process totally killed me eyes, but I'd love to try again!
(I LOVE LOVE LOVE Vietnamese food! I make Vietnamese coffee at home, the really strong one with condensed milk, everyday! Yum!!)

Blaze said...

Great post! I adore the gingerbread stamps, and I am curious to try that out myself sometime! I also love your illustration! :) Great color palette!

Thanks for your sweet comment earlier! Your Christmas card is on its way to you home!!

BuddingCook said...

wow those look like cute gifts! and your stamps look pro. what do you use to carve em?

gilda said...

oh man the stamps are so cute!!!

anyway, i'm really upset because it seems google has disabled my account for good, before i could save all my posts. EEKS!!!

ps: i'm really happy that my guide to tokyo helped your sister!!! that's so cool. thanks for telling me!!

Natch said...

I recommend carving the details of the stamps first as much as possible, so if you swipe off an eye then you won't have done all that work ;)

great job on those though, they're adorable!

Vhrsti said...

Cool things. Love your style, some pictures are absolutly perfect!

Yuzu said...

Hee hee...I remember liking the Powerpuff Girls before they even aired on Cartoon Network. I can't remember when I first saw them, but it was like 1993 or 1994. Ages ago! And I still love doing Powerpuff-style drawings.

The stamps are nice! I especially like the gingerbread guys. And the drawing you did for your parents' Vietnamese organization is just too cute!

MiKa Art said...

How come you don't like to eat? I eat almost anything and everything! :-) The piece you did for Vietnamese organization for children is so sweet!!

Diane Duda said...

Hey, did you know that Craig McCracken, creator of the Power Puff Girls, is my first cousin! Yes, my maiden name was McCracken. Our dad's were brothers. His dad passed away when I was in grade school . Soon after my aunt moved them all out to CA where Craig went on to become the most famous McCracken to date! :)
Anyway...I love the PPG's too!